raklamaaArtistic and promotional department consists of a team of young, ambitious individuals with extensive experience gained in working with companies such as: PMT Marketing System, Poland Promotional Group (PGM) and Partner ASM. For all implementation approach creatively, with full commitment, outside the box like a hundred other companies on the market. We work with passion, not only devote their time but also my heart – we love what we do.


 arranging permits in shopping centers, networks etc.

 sewing costumes appropriate for staff,

 provide training,

 electronic report,

 renting hostesses and hosts.

 booth rental,

 provide staff with knowledge of foreign languages,

 top hire hostesses and hosts,

 hire male and female models,

 hire extras.

 dealing with complex issues of settlement permits formal eg. the City Council, after hiring a team, catering, tents, etc.,

 renting hostesses and hosts,

 hire animators,

 hire announcers,

 extras for rent.

 our employees involved in the distribution of materials in the locations indicated by the Client,

 employees supervised the work supervisor.

 in our database is more than 5 thousand extras in the age range of 0-80 years,

 we have extensive experience in the preparation of extras for small and large roles,

 operate throughout the country,

 we are able to organize up to 500 people on the film,

 we are able to arrange for a movie suitable outfits for extras, moreover animals, motorcycles, suitable outdoor.