Marketing research

badania_marketingoweMo-Rath Marketing Research Agency creates a strong team of experienced employees with university sociological, psychological and economic. These people have a wealth of experience gained in cooperation with such centers as Pentor or TNS Poland.

We have a large network of interviewer – we have about 600 interviewers, and more than 1,000 people who execute their orders casual basis. Our employees are organized in 20 centers located in all provincial across the country.

Our biggest advantage is a very high level and the accuracy of the implementation of research questionnaires. We are closely monitoring the research conducted by our staff.

We research projects, the results of which are used in both the construction companies, verification, and implementation of marketing strategies as well as to create control the efficiency of the marketing instruments.

The main objective of the Department of Marketing Research is to provide customers with reliable information about the market. In the process of marketing research methods are used quantitative research and qualitative, ethnographic research in this. In carrying out the study pays particular attention to the transparency of our activities and customer satisfaction. Pass on to our customers reliable market information that is necessary to make decisions related to the development of business.

We specialize in:

dedicated research managers of commercial real estate – geomarket research,

mystery shopping,

customer satisfaction surveys,

product testing, packaging, advertising,

research for retail chains,

research for shopping malls,

studies designed for newspaper publishers and radio stations,

study the behavior of standard communication Customers,

market segmentation studies,

research for advertising agencies,

survey of Internet users on-line,

brand image research,

price elasticity studies,

consumer goods market research,

consumer research,

tests promotion, advertising and media m. in. pre-test, post-test, monitoring the effectiveness of promotional campaigns, test names and packaging of products,

B2B research – employee assessment.

The functioning of the local government is very important knowledge about the views, opinions and expectations of local communities. It is knowledge that can be used for the benefit of the population; which effectively translates into effective management of the local community.

Department of Marketing Research Mo-Rath company has a team consisting not only of experienced researchers, but also with local policy practitioners who have an excellent sense the needs of local authorities. We have experience in the implementation of socio-political in the country aimed at different institutions.

We offer:

diagnosis of the problems of addiction to psychoactive drugs,

social determinants of health of the inhabitants of the region,

the local labor market research,

image research of the region, the city and the region,

diagnosis of social problems,

political preferences study population,

satisfaction survey of residents living in the region,

research development strategy to support the preparation of investment plans,

NGO sector research,

testing the quality of customer service offices,

survey residents about social events, political and economic.

We offer a wide range of research and consulting services, the implementation of which use modern research methods quantitative and qualitative terms.

We use:

individual in-depth interviews – IDI,

focus group interviews – FGI,

mystery shopper,

research face2face – PAPI, CAPI,

poll auditorium,

research CATI,

ethnographic research,

research CAWI.